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Introductory Class

This 8 week course introduces the arts of Qigong & Meditation – the foundations of all TaiChi and internal Gong Fu practice. Qigong uses a series of gentle movements to open up the body’s energy channels and balance the flow of bio-energy or Qi (pronounced “chee”). The movements reduce stress and have been shown to improve virtually every area of physical, mental and emotional health. The course includes Wild Goose qigong, along with Meditation and Energy Healing.

Goals for this class are to introduce routines that allow the student to immediately experience the stress relieving and healing aspects of the system. The Introductory class exposes students to the internal principles that make energy healing work.

Continuing Study Group Classes
Classes continue in half-hour increments following the Introductory Class. Intermediate, Advanced and Instructor levels are available. All courses guide the student though the 1700 year old Wild Goose system of qigong, meditation, energy healing and martial foundations. If you are interested in expanding the long-term health benefits of Qigong, this is the path to take. Continuing students attend all classes including the Intro Class for the single $70 fee. (The introductory class is a prerequisite for the continuing study levels.)

These classes continue to expand with a deeper exploration of the 1700 year old Wild Goose System of Healing and Martial Arts. The system has its foundations in two forms - these are the 1st and 2nd 64 action qigong forms. The 1st 64 for may be taught in either the Introductory or Continuing Study classes, the 2nd 64 is taught only in the continuing classes. Each new form brings a different level of energy and healing. Major elements of these classes are -

  • Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 form
  • Wild Goose Qigong 2nd 64 form
    Additional System Forms (Meridian Patting, Dayan Palm, Dayan Fist, Dayan Soft Palm, Trigeminal Spiral, Kunlun Bagua, Kidney Clearing, Kidney Strengthening......)
  • Energy  healing methods
  • Meditation (standing & seated)
  • Partner Work (internal energy training)

The goal of the continuing classes is to allow the student to begin utilizing the full range of health benefits available in the Wild Goose system. These include stress management and mental, physical and emotional balance as well as energy healing skills.

Classes are offered throughout the year in continuing (8) week cycles.

The Introductory class is a prerequesite for all other classes.

Click on the Calendar for a full schedule of all classes.

Payment Policies
1. Payment and registration for all classes and seminars at Balmer Martial Arts must be made in advance, directly to Balmer Martial Arts.
2. Payment and registration can be completed by clicking here.
3. If after registering for the class, you find you cannot attend, you can request a refund from Balmer Martial Arts. This request must be made prior to the second class (or before a one-time seminar) and is subject to a $10 cancellation fee.
4. Any requests for "hardship" refunds after the initial class will be prorated and considered on an individual basis.

Note on attending the Continuing Study Group Classes - All classes are covered by a single base fee. There is no additional fee for attending the Continuing Study classes. The only requirement is that you have attended an Intro Class cycle and know the Inroductory Class Form. This is to insure that you have the foundation principles in place from the Intro class before beginning the more challenging forms in the Continuing Studies Group.