Introductory Class

The Introductory Class provides the foundations of posture and breath work that are the basis of all internal healing and martial arts. Posture and breath work are fundamental to understanding and utilizing the body's bioenergy, called qi (pronounced chee). Major elements of this class are -

  • An introductory Wild Goose Qigong form (Kidney Strengthening, Initial movements of the 1st 64 form, Meridian Patting)
  • Seated meditation
  • Intro to energy healing  

Goals for this class are to introduce short, easy to learn routines that allow the student to immediately experience the stress relieving and healing aspects of qigong.

Advanced Class
The Advanced Classes continue with an exploration of the 1700 year old WIld Goose System of Healing and Martial Arts. The Wild Goose system has its foundations in two forms - these are the 1st and 2nd 64 action qigong forms. These are taught one after the other in the Advanced class. Each new form brings a different level of energy and healing. Major elements of this class are -

  • Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 form
  • Wild Goose Qigong 2nd 64 form
    Additional System Forms (Meridian Patting, Dayan Palm, Dayan Fist, Dayan Soft Palm, Trigeminal Spiral, Kunlun Bagua, Kidney Clearing......)
  • Energy  healing methods
  • Meditation (standing & seated)
  • Partner Work (push hands)

IntPicThe goal of this class is to allow the student to begin utilizing the full range of health benefits available in the Wild Goose system. These include stress management and mental, physical and emotional balance.

Introductory and Advanced classes are offered throughout the year in continuing (8) week cycles.

The Introductory class is a prerequesite for attending the Advanced class.

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